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The expense of Senior Ball

By Marivic Victoria

On May 1, 2011 the Senior Class will be holding their Senior Ball at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. Due to the cost of such a high class venue, the Senior Class is still in need of fundraising to pay for the event.

The cost of holding Senior Ball at the Academy of Sciences is approximately $40,000. To raise the funds, the Senior Officers have put on fundraisers throughout the year in order to reduce bid expenses. “Senior sweaters and homecoming t-shirt sales brought in majority of the profit,” Senior Class President Charlene De Castro said. Another large sum has come from snack boxes and selling food and drinks like nachos and Eggettes after school.

To date, the Senior Class has been able to raise most of the money but still has around $2000 left. “Of course we’re trying to exceed that goal so bids will be even cheaper, but that’s only possible with some help from our class,” Senior Class Secretary Matthew Tan said.

To meet the May deadline, the senior officers have set up a few more fundraisers in order to reduce bid prices, such as the annual Rent-A-Senior on held on February 16. Students had the opportunity to bid on seniors who put themselves up for auction with the proceeds directly to that senior’s ball bid.

Seniors have also sold different types of deserts from Gateway Company in the hopes of paying off the last of the expenses. There are delicate delights such as Moca Cake, Lava-Licious Hot Fudge Cakes, and Brown Poppers.

Tan felt strongly in “doing it big” for the Senior Class and that they deserve that much.

Another fundraiser being held will be a Bingo Night on March 29 in El Camino’s cafeteria. Each ticket will be $40 and only for eighteen year olds and up. Each sold ticket from a senior will knock off $15 from their ball bid.

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