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Coach Khoo’s basketball study halls have positive effect on players

November 8, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Shooting for Academics

By Marivic Victoria

For El Camino’s boys’ varsity basketball team, it’s education first, basketball after. Varsity boys’ basketball coach, Anthony Khoo helps his team make academics their first priority by running study halls before practices ensuring they’re on top of their education.

The boys’ varsity team meets for a total of seven hours a week and four of those hours are spent in study hall. Khoo believes dedication to one’s schoolwork should take up more time than spending time doing a sport. “In addition to study halls, I enlist the help of our school secretary Ms. Franchi to check on our players’ grades to ensure they are maintaining certain GPA’s,” Khoo said. Not only does Khoo teach math, attend San Francisco State University and coach basketball, he also does what he can to ensure his basketball athletes’ are succeeding in their education.

Khoo believes his methods have been helpful to his previous athlete’s education. “I have not lost a player because of grades. This last season, we achieved a team GPA of 3.0,” Khoo said. In the last three seasons as head coach of the boys’ varsity basketball team, he has not lost a single player due to grades.

Khoo’s athletes feel that his techniques are useful and affective. “I find study hall helpful because there are no distractions I find at home,” basketball athlete junior Allan Santos says. Students may find it challenging to focus on homework, having study halls can give students a quiet environment to do their homework. “I like study hall because the players get to hang out and you get to get your work done,” junior Jeffrey Chazer says.

Khoo has suggested his methods to other coaches of other sports, knowing it is working for his athletes. “I tell coaches the success stories from the boy’s basketball team.  Some coaches have begun to host study halls girl’s basketball, girl’s tennis and boy’s tennis,” Khoo said.

Khoo not only passes his methods to his athletes, but also tells his players to do what’s right. “We talk about doing what is right all the time. By living our lives is a way that focuses on success, we become successful both on and off the court,” Khoo says. He suggests that all student athletes should be focusing on their education before their sport. He has spread this message to his team by having his team in a desk first, and on the court second.

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    The boys’ varsity team in this article …very nice.. i like it

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